About Aegis Health

Soley committed to making hospitals stronger so they can serve their communities more effectively.

For three decades, Aegis Health’s focus has been helping hospitals become stronger by increasing their profitable market share.

Founded in 1989 as Aegis Marketing Group, the company originally focused on employers and their commercially-insured employees to successfully grow commercial revenue. Employer strategies quickly evolved from an origin of wall-mounted hospital advertising in employer sites to development of consumer data collection, analytics and market insights. Aegis then provided hospitals with outsourced, hospital-branded business development professionals to implement customized strategies based on market intelligence and hospital growth objectives.

Recognizing the importance of physicians in patient acquisition and retention, Aegis expanded upon its successful employer model to develop analytics and professional services in support of hospital physician relations strategies. Aegis’ technologies help hospitals understand physician referral dynamics and support execution of physician relationship development to gain market share.

Likewise, the proliferation of digital engagement platforms to acquire consumers in all industries has led Aegis to implement strategies to directly influence healthcare consumer decision-making on behalf of its hospital clients.

The expertise that Aegis has developed over three decades compels its product innovation and market strategies, providing proven solutions for the three channels that drive profitable consumers to hospitals: employer health plans, physician referral and consumer choice.

Hospitals are the lifeblood of vibrant communities. Aegis is dedicated to making hospitals stronger through market-specific prescriptions for growth so that they can serve their communities more effectively.

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